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Happy New Years Everybody!
kiyoshioni wrote in thecakeblog
Let's start it off with a bang.

Wallace and Gromit style

This cake should have been a cheese cake. Or maybe a moon cake.


The Wrong Trousers!

Link to the Flickr set for more detailed pictures.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and had a happy and safe new year's eve last night! Now Im going to go eat some sushi and watch a movie.

What did you all do?

big hugs to you all!

<3 Kiyoshi

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Hi sweetheart!!!

I live in a developing country and i have recently started my cakes business. I am very impressed by your designs. I know I'm going to be asking for too much but could you please please please give me a hint on how you make those cake decorations ? please...

visit my desserts page so u get an idea of what kind of cakes i make

I hope you will help or at least guide me please :)

Hugs, Chocolates, Cookies and Cream,


P.S. even if you can't help me its ok but can you at least tell me so i don't wait.. thank you..

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