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kiyoshioni wrote in thecakeblog

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Oooo.. what sort of flavour was it? :D

What are those on top - TicTacs? Awesome!

It looks fab.
The rice reminds my of pills. Lol.

Very very cool!

I also thought I'd share, I have a couple of really neat shots of my cake from October 11th:



That is freakin' adorable. Love the rice!

are those white mike & ikes? Wait, are the white ones mikes or ikes?

Too much rice.

Just kidding, it looks awesome.

That is amazing and so well done!


I have got to have a cake like this for my birthday! Nom nom nom nom.

oh wow that's so totally awesome that I'm now craving sushi at 5 in the morning

wow. that is amazing!

all the cakes are. fantastic!

Coolest. Cake. Ever.

I think the rice looks like white good and plentys.

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