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DSC03350 - Great Lighting
kiyoshioni wrote in thecakeblog

DSC03350, originally uploaded by margaretsbakery.

And it was in a bar too.

I think the less I say about this cake the better. The photo does such a great job.

Real roses, fondant covering with fondant swags.


We Used to Talk - Hello Stranger

It's a bit of a sad song, but it's a great band and my second favorite song from them.

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Gorgeous and so elegant. I love your cakes.

And thank you for the song link. Beautiful.

Gorgeous! Welcome back.

Oh my gosh! That is spectacular.

This cake is so perfect in so many ways...those roses are exquisite.

i love the lighting in this shot. it really enhances how already beautiful the cake is.

Beautiful Cake

That's a beautiful cake taken by a skillful photographer :)

Heard of Jelly Cake? It's popular where I come from.



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wow what a wonderful cake, how do you get your swags so perfect? you are right about this cake, the cake says it all

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