Happy New Years Everybody!

Let's start it off with a bang.

Wallace and Gromit style

This cake should have been a cheese cake. Or maybe a moon cake.


The Wrong Trousers!

Link to the Flickr set for more detailed pictures.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and had a happy and safe new year's eve last night! Now Im going to go eat some sushi and watch a movie.

What did you all do?

big hugs to you all!

<3 Kiyoshi

Post Thanksgiving Madness

Let's take a moment to give thanks for everything and everyone we love. Without them, what the hell is the fun in life, right?

That being said, now that everyone has gorged themselves silly on turkey, or duck if you like that sort of thing, and mashed potatoes or yams or both, lets feast ourselves a plenty with this veritable cornucopia of cake photos:

This cake was for a birthday and not as many might assume a wedding.

A giant black iPod I had to make for a 40th birthday party.

Classic interlocking circle design on the bottom tier, swirls on the second tier and rosettes on the top tier.

More interlocking circles and lots of fondant ribbons.

I guess the groom is a golfer. The bride and groom cake toppers were custom made by (and dont quote me on this) the bride's mother. I think. It was awhile ago.

A Goliath of a cake.

This is a cake my best friend/co-worker made because I told her if she wanted it, she'd have to make it. I think she did a bang up job on it. It was for her mother's birthday.

I really love the copper colors against the white with the blue ribbon, even in a shadow, this cake pops. Plus, it has the bonus of having kind of a steampunk vibe to it. Only a little though.

Oh man, I remember delivering this one up near the wharf area in San Francisco. I had to go up these marble stairs, through a room, into the ballroom, all the way to the end and around the back to get to the table. It seemed like a lifetime carrying that thing. It weighed quite possibly a metric ton. But I have no scientific data to back that up with.

There was heavy wind this day, and as I left I had this fear in the back of my mind just lurking. It was the fear that those cakes werent going to make it. So I showed the guys there how to set up the cake (when I snapped this photo) and took it all apart so it wouldnt be a cakewreck.

I really like the simplicity of this cake. Plus it's really small and cute. The only bad thing is, it was on a 15' table and just looked way out of place. All the guest tables had their own 9" round of cake as centerpieces.

And that's that for this time. Until next time I wish you all good tidings and happy holidays. Please, if you care to share what you are up to and how you are doing, it would be much appreciated. I'll try and respond when I can to any questions of funny anecdotes but it's surprisingly busy this holiday season, which is good for us all.


It's been a Hard Days Night

And I've been working like a dog.

Sweet jumping Jesus on a jackhammer. The last month was the end of the wedding season, and it really did go out with a bang. Every weekend I was working until 3-5 in the morning and then back at work the next day around 9. It's been crazy. The last two weeks though, they've been relatively easy, I've just been lazy and recouping. But I've also had a few people light some fires under my ass about getting back to work on this blog. I mean, it's really you guys who suffer. The lack of cakes every week, Im very sorry for being so neglectful :p

well, let's start this off with some bags

I think this cake was mostly made by my sister (except for the little dentist insignia thing, that was all me)

Louis Vuitton anyone? And yes, it took me a long time to hand do all those monograms. =P

I remember this shoe giving us a world of problems, I think between my sister, my mother and myself, we all had to give it several tries. I went on to other cakes and I think my mom and my sister ended up crafting this soulful creature.

One of my more favorite type of candies. This cake was a lot of fun to make. All the decorations were hand drawn/cut out of fondant on a yellow buttercream covered cake. The three "dots" Were pieces of cake covered and shaped with fondant.

When given the instructions for the designs for this cake from my mother, I got "just make swirls" and swirls is what I made. My sister made the butterflies. Unfortunately for her, she got typecast and now she makes all things butterfly. Special bonus, the spectral image of a ghost baker can be seen behind this cake. WoooOooohhhhOoohhhh.
This does however remind me that I have to design a Nightmare Before Christmas cake at some point. And also a Graveyard Book cake by the 31st.

Well, that's only a handful of the cakes I had left from a few months ago, that's not even touching the stockpile I have on my cameras.

No Im going to go back and recoup from a very good night last night with good friends and Halo ODST. I went over to hang out for a few hours, ended up playing until 5 in the morning. It was such a bittersweet moment. So I think im going to have a xbla shooter of Sam and Max.

Take care everyone!


PS - if you were currently unaware, I do have a twitter that I tend to update a bit more than this when things get busy, usually with some cake design or random thought (as you do on twitter) so check it out if you want some more raw cake moments. (warning though, contains harsh language or macabre humor.) Twitter

And here's a little sumthin sumthin to get you guys pumped on a Tuesday afternoon:

Sugar Lumps - Flight of the Conchords

Yes, all the ladies do check out my sugar lumps. Haha. Ok, I go now.

I know I know I know

I've been absent...again.

It's been a helluva week. Most of our staff was away on personal business. We had 113 mini cakes to make along with 2 bride/groom cakes, 5 normal wedding cakes and 4 specialty cakes. Needless to say, we have been completely swamped. We I even had to deliver on Labor day, so that was a fun way to spend a national holiday.

So I have some good cakes to post and some good stories to go along with them when I get a chance next. Just wanted to say hi, and let you know I hadnt forgotten, just been über busy this last week and some change.

How was everyone's holiday?


DSC03276 - A Whale of a Time

DSC03276, originally uploaded by margaretsbakery.

Can you think of anything better than swimming in a jellybean ocean? Yeah, so can I. Don't get me wrong, Jellybeans are delicious for the most part, but I wouldnt want to dive into a pool of them.

I do believe this cake was a chocolate truffle. I really have to dig out all those old records for you. Sigh, it's been so long. Let's just pretend it's a chocolate truffle shaped like a whale and covered in fondant.


At Sea - Flight of the Conchords
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