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Happy New Years Everybody!
kiyoshioni wrote in thecakeblog
Let's start it off with a bang.

Wallace and Gromit style

This cake should have been a cheese cake. Or maybe a moon cake.


The Wrong Trousers!

Link to the Flickr set for more detailed pictures.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and had a happy and safe new year's eve last night! Now Im going to go eat some sushi and watch a movie.

What did you all do?

big hugs to you all!

<3 Kiyoshi

Oops I forgot to put my blog name

I just left you a comment right above and my blog name is courtney.tiersofjoycakes

Love the detail!

These cakes are awesome and the detail is wonderful. You can also check out this website for more info about cake decorating and starting a cake business.

Hi...i just wanted to tell you how awesome our cakes look...each oone is a piece of art!

Hi...i just wanted to tell you how awesome our cakes look...each oone is a piece of art!

Amazing work!

I love this cake; I can only imagine how much time you spent on it.

Great Ideas

Hi - great ideas. I will link it to my blog -

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So funny cake it is ! Nice style.

Gift Boxes (

These figurines are incredible! This cake maker is an artist. Wish I could manage that!

Love Wallace and Grommit

Love, love love this cake. I am a huge Wallace and Grommit fab and the detail on this cake is amazing.
Incredible job - well done!

What a wonderful cake!!

Gorgeous cake, i can even see the silver colored cake board ( ..nice..Seems like a very enjoyable cake...

Wedding cake topper

Cool Cakes buddy..
I just love their colors and shapes, they are so cool.. yummy.

Thanx for sharing this sweet post.. Hope I get one piece of it, Kidding :)


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Wow these are some very creative cakes, you should have your own TV show just live the Cake Boss

Groovy Cake

Pretty cool. I found this other person blogging some interesting stuff too. Site name is CakeWhiz.

I LOVE Wallace and Gromit. Now I know what kind of cake I'll be making for my own birthday this year! Thank you for the inspiration!

The Cake Creator

Wow this is good, these are like The Cake Creator in Gorey, Southern Ireland.

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Balloon Cake


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