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Post Thanksgiving Madness
kiyoshioni wrote in thecakeblog
Let's take a moment to give thanks for everything and everyone we love. Without them, what the hell is the fun in life, right?

That being said, now that everyone has gorged themselves silly on turkey, or duck if you like that sort of thing, and mashed potatoes or yams or both, lets feast ourselves a plenty with this veritable cornucopia of cake photos:

This cake was for a birthday and not as many might assume a wedding.

A giant black iPod I had to make for a 40th birthday party.

Classic interlocking circle design on the bottom tier, swirls on the second tier and rosettes on the top tier.

More interlocking circles and lots of fondant ribbons.

I guess the groom is a golfer. The bride and groom cake toppers were custom made by (and dont quote me on this) the bride's mother. I think. It was awhile ago.

A Goliath of a cake.

This is a cake my best friend/co-worker made because I told her if she wanted it, she'd have to make it. I think she did a bang up job on it. It was for her mother's birthday.

I really love the copper colors against the white with the blue ribbon, even in a shadow, this cake pops. Plus, it has the bonus of having kind of a steampunk vibe to it. Only a little though.

Oh man, I remember delivering this one up near the wharf area in San Francisco. I had to go up these marble stairs, through a room, into the ballroom, all the way to the end and around the back to get to the table. It seemed like a lifetime carrying that thing. It weighed quite possibly a metric ton. But I have no scientific data to back that up with.

There was heavy wind this day, and as I left I had this fear in the back of my mind just lurking. It was the fear that those cakes werent going to make it. So I showed the guys there how to set up the cake (when I snapped this photo) and took it all apart so it wouldnt be a cakewreck.

I really like the simplicity of this cake. Plus it's really small and cute. The only bad thing is, it was on a 15' table and just looked way out of place. All the guest tables had their own 9" round of cake as centerpieces.

And that's that for this time. Until next time I wish you all good tidings and happy holidays. Please, if you care to share what you are up to and how you are doing, it would be much appreciated. I'll try and respond when I can to any questions of funny anecdotes but it's surprisingly busy this holiday season, which is good for us all.


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The kitty cake is awesome! So if you eat all that black fondant (I am guessing that is what the draping is made of) does your tongue turn blue or black?

I made pineapple upside down cake for Thanksgiving, because I have this awesome cake pan in the shape of six little pineapples. I think I am going to make some ginger cake in the shape of pineapples next.

those are amazing! what do you charge for one of your cakes?

great work ♥

OMG gorgeous cakes!!
i love the first one.
i love the one with the blue trim.
love the one your co-worker made for her mom.
ahhh so many great cakes!!!

The brown & white one is the prettiest, even with the clunky cake topper. So elegant!

You deliver even the larger cakes alone? Isn't that terrible risky, one bump or stumble in stairs and that would be a catastrophe...

The cake that weighed a metric ton is so lovely and shiny!!

I also like the interlocking circles and fondant ribbon cake.

YaY - I'm so glad you're still posting cakes! The "metric ton" cake is absolutely stunning!

You are doing an amazing work !
It's so beautiful, how can someone destroy it to eat it ? ^^

All of these are amazing!

I've noticed you guys do a lot of stuff that's either "an object" or "definitely a cake." But have you guys ever done cakes that are more like abstract sculptures? Just curious! :)

Holy crap, Joe, the detail on the b&w cake with the heart/celtic knot topper is unreal. Another round of beautiful cakes!

Very beautiful cakes, I love the iPod one.

Those cakes are, as usual, stunning. I love the designs on all of the them--they look so complicated and smoothly executed. Sigh--where were you guys when I needed a wedding cake?

I made a triple layer pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year--I've been attempting to impress my inlaws with various baked goods every time I visit. Last time was a carrot cake from scratch. Next time, I'm thinking a home made pound cake or a red velvet cake!

The interlocking circles look amazing!!!

I love the iPod one. :)

Ooo... I would never have thought of pairing those purple orchids against silver, but the result is stunning! The iPod is very impressive, too!

If you ever have a few, it would be awesome if you could post a tutorial on making those white chocolate curls. They look so elegant.

Do you really deliver those big cakes by yourself? The last one I made was three tiers, the bottom of which was a 16" square, so not even as big as that metric ton one, but I couldn't even lift it by myself!

Doing alright here... just trying to keep up with work, new baby, and classes! Busy as always. In a good way. Mostly.

I know it's kind of random, but I just want to say that every time I look at my wedding pictures I am in awe of how amazing the cake you made for us was... and how good it tasted! I'll probably tell you that once every six months or something, hope it doesn't get annoying. Anyway. Thanks. It was gorgeous.

The one with the blue/purple flowers practically glows. Wow!

Beautiful work you guys! <3

Man, I don't remember the last time I for real worked on a cake, aside from our guac cake. I miss it.

And dude, you know I wanted to make my mom's cake, it was my present to her :3

The colors on that blue and silver cake are a metric ton of AWESOME.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Over the break my family and I ate at the oldest continuously-operating tavern in the United States and saw the Magna Carta. The whole thing could have been vastly improved by a really good cake.

All amazing as usual, for some reason I’m drawn to the swan stand ones (that you feared would become cake wrecks in the high winds) I can’t exactly say why but I love the effect, sort of like a bunch of flowers or butterflies landed on the cakes. Was that modelling chocolate?

I’ve been busy starting my own baking blog, I can dream that one day my cakes will resemble any of yours:

Keep up the good work!

I like the black and white with the heart shaped piece on top -- such intricate detailed work! You should try to get a tv show. Your cakes look way better than Buddy's on Cake Boss!

thanks for sharing the photos of the cakes. Each one tells a story and I cannot imagine how much work goes into the detail in them all. Terrific stuff. I am in Australia and currently going through a heatwave - the icing on those cakes wouldn't last half an hour out of a fridge


I just ran accross a gallery of cakes as well: (


That cake of yours is amazing! Indeed seems a great effort put forth. I love multi-tiered cakes. Last X-mas all of my friends and me designed a 3-tier cake for the x-mas treat. This time due to time restrictions we could not make any. But we all have planned a atleast 6-tier cake for next x-mas. Will post the pics if successful.
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Those are some seriously stellar cakes! I am wowed by the skills!


My goodness your cakes are just amazing! Amazing, incredible, etc etc...*sigh* just plain beautiful :D -SeriousCakes (from youtube)

What a great idea

I just love these cakes - I will link to my site

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Hey Joe, what do you call that style of cake where it looks like fondant drapery over the cake - like the one your coworker made for her mother with the cat topper? It's super pretty.


What a wonderful cakes ( I wish i have them all.

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Stunning Wedding Cakes

Kiyoshi I know it was time ago you posted this blog but I have to say your Wedding Cakes are just stunning. You should be very proud of your work. Just beautiful.

Your cakes are fantastic

Im a real fan! I work mainly with cupcakes but have recently started decorating larger celebration cakes! These have really inspired me and i just think they are brilliant! thankyou for posting them!


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Wedding Cake Traditions

It is hard to believe that the beginning of the wedding cake tradition was a piece of dry bread! It was crushed and tossed over the bride's head to impart good luck. It eventually evolved into a tower of small cakes and finally the very ornate cakes like the ones shown here. I help run a wedding venue in Birmingham AL and find that the wedding cake tradition is one of the strongest ones still followed by modern brides, even as many of the others are being abandoned for a variety of reasons.


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Love these cakes

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You have some nice cakes

The second last one which you said was on a windy day looks really amazing, is it tempered chocolate covering or icing... very intresting.
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Amazing cake designs. You are an artist!

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