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kiyoshioni wrote in thecakeblog

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I love the diamond pattern on the bottom layer. Very harlequin feeling. I think the little pearl accent dots make it!

Wow! That's some bright cake! What are the details?

That's a very colorful cake!
I like the pearls.

I have recently found a new admiriation for you work. I work in a kitchen utensil shop and we provide customers and trade with equipment including cake decorating equipment and sir you have skills! Only now do I have a truer understanding as to how much work your work really entails so bravo! :D

I love these Dr. Seuss type cakes.

Nice cake

This is the one of amazing wedding cake i seen !!!

Re: Nice cake

wedding cake (

Awesome cake

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Wow! Fun and colorful. I hope when I'm 50 someone gives me a cake like that. =D

This was my cake!!! Isn't it divine? It tasted great too!

Beautiful Cakes !!

Beautiful Cakes, I especially like the brown & white one.. Just stunning !!

Its an awesome cake,a very unique creation.
Are you based in Adelaide(South Austalia)
Do you conduct classes?If yes then pls provide the details to

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nice cake i see never a cake like this

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