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Yay, LJ has missed you and your delectable edibles! Glad you're back, rested and ready to give us more!

Very interesting and beautiful pieces and that shoe looks so real!

I just want to snag one of those Dots!

PS- Nice choice in music. I love them so much!

Is the shoe cake soulful, or SOLEful? *dies laughing*

I love the swirls and butterflies! so cute.

AND OMG ASK;LDJF;AKLSDFJ GRAVEYARD BOOK. please post some pictures of that one :333333

Glad to see you back, and all of these are amazing!

I *LOVE* the purple and swirls cake, and I CANNOT WAIT to see the Graveyard Book cake!! Neil Gaiman is AWESOME. =)

My sugarlumps are two of a kind - sweet and white and highly refined

The context of the LV bag freaks me out - designer baby? But I luuuuuurrrrvvv the Dots cake! My fave. Does the black frosting make ones mouth turn black?

Must see Nightmare Before Christmas cake!

Love the cakes. The shoe freaks me out a bit though.

Ahhh, you're doing the Graveyard Book thingy too? I have like three ideas in the vaguest stages of composition. PLEASE put up pictures, though; I'd love to see yours!

All the cakes are fantastic, but I think the stitching on the shoe was my favorite touch. It's the little details that really get me. :D

How perfect, the Cake Blog posts "Sugar Lumps" Haha!

I love the swirly butterfly cake. Really beautiful!! And the shoe looks so real!!

Amazing job!!


My diaper bag is Coach ;) haha

I'm sure the cake version tastes better though :P

The simple butterflies are so pretty!

Great pics

That last cake of yours is amazing! Indeed seems a great effort put forth. I love multi-tiered cakes. Last X-mas all of my friends and me designed a 3-tier cake for the x-mas treat. This time due to time restrictions we could not make any. But we all have planned a atleast 6-tier cake for next x-mas. Will post the pics if successful.
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